Saturday, October 15, 2011

Like moths that fly into the flame it always ends up so

Hello everyone! I hope everybody had a good week. I've been feeling a little under the weather. :[ And I've really been craving some good soup, so I'm currently making a sweet potato squash soup, and listening to Streetlight. The combination of cuddling on the couch, movies, and soup is my cure-all, so I'll probably do that tonight - I like lazy Saturday nights sometimes. Still, despite my congestion, I went shopping yesterday for a few things that I've been wanting for a month now.

Um, finally? It took me long enough.
I also really wanted a neutral nail polish, this stuff is really nice.

This one's called Leotard-Optional. Nails are still a little messy in this picture, but once I cleaned it up it was lovely. $9.50

Covergirl Lipstick - Hot Passion - $6.99
I bought this little thing for the upcoming Navy Ball, I haven't tried it yet. But the color looks promising.

Papaya Blazer - $24

Agaci feather earrings - $4.50

So as I'm writing this post my Mary Kay consultant showed up with the stuff I ordered from her. She just started selling Mary Kay, so I figured I'd buy something to support her. I just took a quick picture.

Foundation primer and eye primer - $29 combined

Can't wait to try it.

Well, I should go finish cooking my soup. I think I'll watch a scary movie too, I'm so in the mood for one. And thank you to all of my followers. It puts a smile on my face every day to see comments and followers increase. I appreciate all of you! :)

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LoveFayexoxo said...

That nail colour is beautiful, I'm alllll about the nude nails and eyes during fall! That lipstick is amazing!

LoveFaye xoxo

Confetti_hearts said...

I love all the stuff you got! I'm loving my UD naked palette so far :D. Hope you enjoy the navy ball. Remember to post pics!

Anonymous said...

nice nail polish! and who doesn't love urban decay ;-)

Jessica said...

Thanks gals! I love the naked palette so far, and I've only worn a couple of shades twice. I really love neutral colors for fall as well. And I'll definitely be posting pics from the navy ball. :)


Shannon said...

Hi Jessica :) thanks for following my blog <3
That lipstick looks like such a gorgeous colour! I've never tried Covergirl lipsticks, so i'd love to hear your thoughts once you've tried 'Hot Passion.'
Enjoy your soup and i hope you feel better soon! xx

Fashimi said...

Ohhhh, that eye shadow palette looks so perfect! I need one!

Anonymous said...

love the palette!! almost every girl i know owns a naked palette!!! love the lipstick too!!!

hope you'll follow my blog!

Sandra said...

Yay for the Naked Palette, you're gonna love it! And that nail polish is super cute, such a good neutral color!

AspirationsOfGlam said...

This is such a lovely post, I have only just go the naked palette too. I am typing this wearing gun metal :) I really like the look of your blazer! Get well soon xxx


Jessica said...

Thanks for all your wonderful comments! I really <3 you all. :)

Pop Champagne said...

ohh I'm so envious of your naked palette! it's sold out everywhere here! and those feather earrings are so pretty

just followed you btw! I'm so glad the following widget finally worked for me to follow you!!

Pearl McPride said...

I think the Naked palette should be considered a cosmetic staple that every girl needs in her makeup bag. It is so versatile and always comes in handy.

I love the blazer- Papaya, I have never heard of them. Is it online? That blazer is really cute I was surprised to see it was only $24 ;)

Jessica said...

@Pearl Mcpride, I had never heard of papaya until I moved to Florida. They have a store by me and they do have an online shop - I think. I was a little nervous to purchase any of their clothing because I heard a couple negative reviews about the quality but I tried this particular blazer on and I was really happy with it so I got it! :)

Jessica said...

@ Pop Champagne - thank you for following me! :)

Julia Vorob'eva said...

oh, i looove neutral colours!

Hunter87 said...

Really like those lip color you got!!
New follower!

Laydiana said...

Ohhhh I love that nude nail polish and the name mwhahahaa <3 awesome makeup haul :)

thanks for replying to my question on my blog.. That's kind of annoying, dont you think? Not being able to reply directly to the poster on the comment page... Oh well :) It's not facebook I guess.


nicole said...

i love that color nail polish, i'm definitely going to have to try it out. and yay for the naked palette! isn't it just the best?! xoxo

PAPS said...

The stuff you bought looks like good buys.

Jessica said...

Thank you all for your wonderful comments! <3
@ Laydiana, I totally agree, but you're right, I guess its not Facebook.
@ Nicole, YES! The naked palette is amazing. I'm so happy I finally got it.


Audrey Allure said...

Loving that color of nail polish!

Jessica said...

Thanks! It's my current favorite now :)

Bravoe Runway said...

I officially believe I am like the last woman standing without the naked eyeshadow palette..I am hoping I can still get my hands on it! Love your new earrings, so pretty :)

Jessica said...

Haha I felt the same way until last Friday! I couldn't take it any longer, and I was so lucky that the Sephora by me still had it.
Thanks for the comment! :)


PAPS said...

Thanks for following me. Following you back.

Molliee said...

great nail color! I am into nude nails as you can see from my post today!


Jessica said...

Thank you! I love nude nails. :)


PolaBerry said...

I love the Naked palette! Pretty polish color!

Jen @ redsolesandredwine said...

Great purchases! Love the polish and can't wait to see what the lipstick looks likes.

Sparkles & Chic said...

Hi sweetie~
Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. =)

I've heard so much good things about the Naked palette. Beautiful neutral colors.

The color of the covergirl lipstick in the photo looks pretty.


Jessica said...

Thank you girls for all your lovely comments! <3 :)