Friday, October 21, 2011

Much Anticipation

I wanted to do a quick post today before the weekend festivities begin. First and foremost, I wanted to thank all of my beautiful followers and those who read my blog. I just reached 50 followers today and I've only been blogging for a little over a month. I feel incredibly grateful to you all. I never thought anyone would find me here in my little corner of the internet, let alone read what I have to say. This is definitely a great feeling. So thank you all! ♥

Tomorrow's the Navy Ball, it's finally here! And I'm so excited and nervous. I've never been to anything this fancy, and I've never been surrounded by a ton of people in the military all at once either. I will make sure to let you all know how it goes. Lots of pictures coming soon, I promise. But, just to give you all a little sneak peek, here's where it will be.

M/V Lady Windridge

Check out that pretty lady! She's 170 feet long and holds a maximum of 500 guests. Here are some more photos.

Pictures courtesy

I cannot WAIT to climb aboard this sexy beast. P.S. I've never been on a boat. Well, a yacht. And they'll probably play "I'm on a Boat" by Lonely Island. ;)

In my last minute preparations for tomorrow, I ran out to the mall today to get a clutch because I have none that go with my dress. Let me first state that there is something wrong with me and it simply isn't possible for me to go out, get the item I need, and leave without purchasing something else. I checked every store in the mall and nothing caught my eye. I really wanted a bright red one, but sadly one could not be found. I did however find this little sucker in Payless.

All glam and glitter. Perfect for tomorrow.

Oh but wait? I bought these shoes at payless because I saw them. Sigh. However, my entire purchase was 10% at least I saved a little bit. No. Seriously. I have to take my credit card out of my wallet.

And now that I have everything set for tomorrow, I think James and I will devour some pizza tonight when he gets home. :)


Anonymous said...

wow looks so beautiful, you will have a blast!

Confetti_hearts said...

Lmao. I was JUST thinking that you should sing the "I'm on a boat" song and then you mentioned it >_<. That is a beautiful clutch! I hope you have a great time partying it up on a boat. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog post! So glamourous:) Love your blog! You got a new fan and follower! Would love you to follow bag :)

mwan said...

nice pics

That Brunette One said...

those shoes are devine!

Adriana said...

Love the clutch and leapord print shoes! VERY CUTE!

Wynne Prasetyo said...

i'm not sure if i've been on a yacht before. i mean i've been on boats, but i'm not sure if they were yachts, hahaha. this yacht looks fantastic!


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Anonymous said...

that's awesome!!! have fun!=)

Emma♥ said...

i followd you, so can you follow me back?

Jessica said...

Thanks gals for all the super comments. :)

PolaBerry said...

Wow this looks like it must have been lots of fun! I love the shoes btw cant wait to see photos!

Jessica said...

Thanks dear! :)