About Jessica

I'm a reserved, awkward 23 year old. Born in Philadelphia, grew up in South Jersey, lived my high school years in a small town in Pennsylvania you've probably never heard of. I attended Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison, NJ, just an hour or so from NYC by train. From Philadelphia to NYC, I average somewhere along the Delaware River.

I got my BA in English Literature - I have a fondness for books and all types of literature. Needless to say I'm always "currently reading" a book.

Some six months before graduation I met my soul mate through a mutual friend. The day after graduation I drove down to Miami, FL, where he is stationed, to be with him.

I've been living in Miami, FL for a year and a half. Now I'm working on finding myself, finding out what makes me tick, what inspires me, and what sorts of things make me feel passionate. It's a process, but learning who I am isn't stressful and confusing like I imagined it to be. It's fun, and thrilling, and insightful. An adventure that's never-ending.