Tuesday, September 27, 2011

311 Day!

It's been a few days. Internet's been going whack, and we're probably going to switch our internet over the next few days. The company we use is some local one and it really sucks balls. Sigh. Anyways...on to better things.

Come next March, my bf James and I are officially going to Vegas for 311 day!! I'm cascading with excitementttt. I haven't mentioned it before, but 311 is one of my favorite bands, and is also the inspiration for the title of my blog! ;) (The lyrics "waking, believing, running" is from their song Running off their Transistor album.) If you haven't listened to them, I highly recommend you do. Their music is fun and full of energy, but also extremely relaxing and calming. And sometimes, when I listen closely to their lyrics, I feel like they've dug a feeling out of my own mind and put it into words. Like they know me. Ahh! So good. James and I actually saw them in the beginning of August at their Pow-wow in northern Florida. It was a huge three day festival for everyone to unwind. There were tons of other bands too; we also saw Streetlight Manifesto there, one of my other favorite bands. So much fun.

I can't wait! I've never been to Vegas, and we'll have already moved out to San Diego. I'm super stoked. We're staying at one of the Hilton's there, right on the strip. I will definitely be documenting this. :)

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