Monday, September 19, 2011

Beauty Products

I was perusing online when I started thinking about what my favorite beauty/skin/hair products were. Most of the products I use hair and skin wise I have to change up every two weeks or so. For some reason my skin and hair get very used to the products and their effectiveness wears off. That being said...

Hair and Skin:

1. My current shampoo is Dove's Damage Therapy Volume Boost; my current conditioner Dove's Damage Therapy Intensive Repair. These are not my favorites, but I'm trying to be cheap. In consequence, they really don't do anything for my hair. Speaking of hair, I'm in dire need of a good hair cut. My hair has gotten so long and its been at least a year since I've had a professional hair cut. My ends are split and dry and no amount of conditioner can fix it. Now all I need is some money...

I really love Biolage by Matrix because of how natural and soft it makes my hair feel, but I honestly can't afford that shampoo and conditioner considering how much I use. My hair is really long, almost past my chest. Even when I try to get as many washes out of my products as possible, I still end up going through them way too fast. I also love all the Organix products, again, because it leaves my hair feeling as perfect as it can be thanks to being sulfate-free. I especially love the coconut milk scent. Yum.

2. My current body wash is, again, Dove. It's the Go Fresh Nectarine and White Ginger scent. Unlike the shampoo and conditioner, I really like Dove's bodywash. It doesn't leave any residues on my skin, and I love all the different scents they have. And of course, its inexpensive. This one is a go-to for me.

I'm also very partial to plain old Dial. It may not have wonderful, pampering scents but it gets the job done.

3. My current razor is actually what seems like a generic Venus razor. Its from Winn-Dixie, and it actually works much better than Venus, in my opinion, and it seems to be lasting much longer as well. I don't really care much for the Venus razors. Actually, I think men's razor's work the best. You know, Gilette. Haha. And just so you know, I don't use shaving cream. In my experience it always ends up giving me razor burn...somehow. I have no idea. It got really annoying so I stopped using it. I use my hair conditioner instead. It leaves my legs feeling silky smooth.

4. My current face wash is Aveeno's Smart Essentials Daily Detoxifying Scrub. My face wash is another product that I have to switch up constantly though. I prefer exfoliating scrubs to regular facial cleansers. I really love St. Ives's Apricot Scrub. It's thick and exfoliates wonderfully.

Makeup Products:

1. Foundation?

I'll admit I've been using the same foundation for a very long time. L'oreal's True Match. It's worked for me for a long time, but I'm sure I need to venture out and try new ones.

2. Eyeliner?

I use Maybelline's Eye Studio Gel liner. It's super easy to apply, it stays in place. Really. This sucker lasts. And it's very smooth and easy to blend. I love this stuff.

I also use Prestige. I really don't like pencil eyeliner's, but this one is really nice. It's easy to put on and it doesn't tug at your eyelids when you apply it. Plus, its around 4 bucks.

3. Mascara?

Hands down, Maybelline Great Lash.

4. Blush?

Right now I use the blush that is included in the Victoria's Secret Hello Bombshell makeup kit. I also sometimes use a cream stick blush I got from CVS, by NYC.

5. Lipstick?
I don't wear lipstick! I want to...I really do. But I just feel like it doesn't look right on me. I sometimes wear gloss.

I have lots of other products I love, but I've been rambling a bit. More to come later!

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