Thursday, November 3, 2011

Forever alone

Are you lonely? I feel most people are afraid to answer that question. Like maybe "lonely" and "loser" are synonymous. I was reading this article about social isolation and how it has basically become a plague in America. It said some 25% of Americans pretty much don't have a support system, that they have no one they can confide in. It made me really sad, because sometimes I feel this way. I have friends and loved ones that support me, but I'm not afraid to admit that once in a while I feel very lonely. Very removed. That typical picture of walking into a crowded place and still feeling totally alone.

So what do I do when I'm lonely or sad? Shop online. :B
I've been searching for the perfect knit cardigan and I couldn't seem to find anything in my budget. So I bought this.

Cable Knit Grandpa Cardigan - $22.80, Forever21

I guess I dress like grandpa now? Well he must be stylish. But the truth is I wanted a burgundy or red colored one and I couldn't seem to find any...that were cheap. Because I don't have the money right now. Ah! This will do though. I do love it. But I would have preferred any of these.

Knitted Raglan Boyfriend Cardigan - $84.00, Topshop

Knitted Fluffy Stitch Cardigan - $140.00, Topshop

Double Breasted Cardigan In Twist Yarn - $93.44, ASOS

Oh, and my irritation of the day: Buying that box of strawberries at the supermarket that look so red and delicious, only to discover them sour and/or moldy the very next morning.

I will anxiously await my package from Forever21 and maybe go read a good book and try not to be cranky or depressed for the rest of the day.



Molliee said...

what a bummer about the strawberries! Hope your day goes better! Great sweater choices:)

Jessica said...

It is sad that sometimes people feel like that. Its part of life and you've got to learn how to deal and get yourself through those emotions. Seems like you did with online shopping!!! Sometimes its the simplest things that make us happy. Cute bold cardigan choice after receiving it, the color should make you smile =) .? Hope you have a great rest of the day hun! Take care...

Anonymous said...

aw... sorry about your strawberries. I hate when that happens. but the good news is your got great items on their way to you!

Plami said...

Shopping is the way I fix my mood as well! :) Love all the cardigans! The first one's my favorite just because of the color:)


Sophie Isobel said...

We all get lonely sometimes - I've been there a few times!
Those cardigans are lovely :)

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

I hope you're not feeling too lonely. Remember that you really are never alone! Love the little image thing though. Haha. Also. Obsessed with those cardis! Loving the first one and the last one!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

SassyUptownChic said...

Awww, I've had feelings of loneliness too. Not a big family or friends. And I'm an only child! HAHAHA I try to read, shop, blog, go to the movies. Anything to occupy my time. That sucks about the strawberries. They should give you a refund! Love your sweater. :)

Jessica said...

Thank you guys. You all really made my day. As silly as it may sound, its great to know even when I'm feeling down I still have my blog and you lovely ladies. :)


AspirationsOfGlam said...

Internet shopping really is the solving to all my worries! I am very fortunate because I have a massive support network and we all carry each other when things are a bit rubbish. Sometimes I love being on my own having some me time...not sure that counts. Gorgeous knits!!


Style Journey said...

Bummer about the strawberries! Hopefully you will have a better day. Your sweater is cute if that helps! Have a great weekend :)

Hurnrningbird said...

oooh i love the coral-like colored cardigan <3

Confetti_hearts said...

*hugs* I know what you mean. Despite having facebook and all these social networking sites nowadays people are not going out as much and actually interacting with people. A conversation with someone is always somehow interrupted by checking their phones or going on facebook on their phones. :/

Love those sweaters by the way :)

Jessica said...

@Confetti_hearts, I totally agree. If people could just put down their social media tools and take a break from technology for a while then maybe we'd have more interaction on a face-to-face level. Seeing someone is always better than calling, or texting, or facebooking them.

@AspirationsOfGlam, I think it counts. I know there are times when I really just want me-time as well.

Thanks for all your lovely comments. :)


Erica said...

I have those days. It's funny bc I think that it is even more common than not, but most don't admit it out loud. You aren't alone! And online shopping makes me feel better too ;)


Jessica said...

Thanks Erica! It is a shame that most don't want to admit it, but I'm glad to know I'm not alone. :)