Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Serum

Hello lovely readers. Let me tell you about a little something I picked up at Sephora a few weeks ago. I had heard a lot of great reviews about Bumble and Bumble products, and I was particularly interested in their thickening serum. I read about it, and started to imagine myself with long, luxurious, thick, wavy hair. In fact, I heard such great reviews about this little gem, that I assumed my fine set of hair would become such a hot wild mess of hair, I couldn't wait, so I ran out and bought it. Here it is!

"Wearing thin? This nightly leave-in treatment fattens and fortifies over time for thicker, stronger strands and fuller hair (really)."

Let me just say that I have tried so many volume shampoos and conditioners: all failing miserably. My hair is pin straight. It has no wave to it whatsoever, and not really much body. This is the first "serum" of its kind that I've tried, and I'm honestly hooked. Unfortunately, I don't have hair pictures to show you. However, I've been using this stuff every night, and sometimes twice a day (as it says it can be used twice daily), and I can see a noticeable difference in my hair. The strands really do appear thicker, particularly when I use it in the morning. When I put it in right before bed, it also appears much thicker, but tossing and turning all night sometimes flattens my hair. It also FEELS stronger. And this product isn't greasy at all, which is also a problem for my hair. The serum itself is very watery, and you only need one or two pumps. It doesn't feel like much, but once you put it in your hair, there's an immediate, noticeable difference. My hair really is thicker, stronger feeling, and has body and some nice movement too it. I guess that's why they put "really" on the front.

Draw backs? Ok. It didn't give me a wild hot mess of hair like I wanted. But, I should probably lower my expectations haha. Did I REALLY think my hair would turn out that way? No. I just kind of wished. Maybe if I stick to a mantra of wishful thinking, my hair will grow out thicker. Lol, right.

Oh, and look at this!

Try not to be too distracted by how creepily finger-like my thumb looks, and notice how small the bottle is. I was a little shocked when I found it in the store and saw how tiny it was. Especially when it normally sells for $27. My particular Sephora was selling it for $22. Yaay.

Worth $22? I'd say so.
Would I purchase this again? Definitely plan on it.
Would I purchase it again for $27? You betcha.

I understand certain products work well for some and awful for others. I'm just so happy to have found something that makes my hair look and feel thicker, stronger, and a little more wild. ;)

On a little side note, Thoughts of PAPS awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award! She's so sweet, and has a super cool and CUTE blog, so go check her out!

Thank you to ALL of you who continue to read my blog. I sincerely appreciate it, from the bottom of my heart. <3

xx Jess


Molliee said...

must try it out! who doesn't want thicker hair?!

Anonymous said...

sounds great! congrats on your award ;-)

i have VERY thick hair, ;-(

Anna said...

I have very thin and straight hair too - my own mother has been harking at me about a thickening serum :P

If it'll produce even the slightest difference in my dust-like mane I'll have no problems shelling out the money. I wonder if Target carries this... I'm going to try tonight. Thank you for the review - you may have ended my hair misery!

Jessica said...

@Anna, I know you can get it on too. I hope it works for you!

Jessica said...

I need thick hair thanks for sharing

Confetti_hearts said...

Sounds like a good product. I have really thick coarse hair so I think volumizing is not really what I think of on a daily basis. Although... I'm sure we all want Victoria secret bedhead hair ;)

Sam said...

I have the same type of hair as you described so this product sounds perfect. But sadly don't think we get it here :(

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

I'm so glad you like it. It can be scary taking someone's word, paying a high price for something and it not work. I've been there! I'm happy it worked for you and love your review Jessica. I've heard wonderful things about that brand. Congratulations on your award!

Bravoe Runway said...

Congratulations on the award! I've not yet tried bumble and bumble products but I've read reviews. I have uber thick and wavy hair...don't h8 this product won't be necessary for me ;)

Julie Khuu said...

No way! Awesome write up...I see it at my drug store all the time but never thought to purchase since I didn't know what it could do...after your review, I'm sold :D

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such awesome comments, hope to see you back soon!

Peace. Love. LOL!


Heather said...

I have pin straight hair too! I MUST TRY THIS! Thanks for the review :)


Mai said...

This product seems really interesting (:
CMPang x

lsaz said...

Not awkward at all. If you are moving to SD in a month we should meet up! I'm still on the job search :(

I like this post by the way, I have really fine hair and am looking for something to make it bigger. I'm inspired to try this product out!

And thanks for stopping by :)

Erica said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this - I also have fine hair & I hate spending money not knowing if it will actually work or not! I might have to try this out for myself.

Congrats on your award :)


ill have to try this, great review