Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I need to jumpstart my collection again

Sometimes I have days where I head over to and look at all the lovely items I can't afford right now. Today is one of those days.

I did this thing years ago where I stopped buying jewelry because I owned way too much of it. Now I'm beginning to think I don't (which is probably false), but all I want to do is go jewelry shopping.

Seriously? This is called Anasazi Epic Ring. It's Epic. I want it. - $298.00

Rangoli Armor Ring - $228.00

Loma Tribal Pendant - $188.00

Tarnished Rose Cuff - $148.00

Moon Wave Bangles - $198.00

Oh, and I would also love these head pieces. Yes please.

Daisy Chain Headpiece - $75.00

Geo Print Turban - $24.00

Ok so the last two aren't that expensive, which is why I might consider purchasing them.
No, scratch that. I can't, because I'm moving soon! And it will just end up getting lost in the mail.

Speaking of moving, the movers come to pack up all our stuff in exactly ONE week. I have so much to do. That being said, I only have a week left of blogging! :( Until I get set up in San Diego, which probably won't be until the end of February.

Anyway, have a lovely day guys! :)



Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Moving is definitely a process. Take a tally of what needs to be done and give yourself little goals to complete daily. Gorgeous jewelry! Everything is so expensive. It can be frustrating. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

these are really nice accessories, i would like to do the same as well ;-)

Fashion By Alicia said...

Great picks!

Leah said...

I think I have too much jewelry but it never stops me from wanting to buy more! Unless I can't afford it that is. :(

Erica said...

Great pieces! I love that rose cuff!

Ugly Duckling said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog :)

I love the tribal necklace and the rose gold cuff. I know what you mean about thinking you have too much of something and then feeling after just a little time that actually you don't! I do that a lot with lots of items.



Little Tree Vintage said...

loving the daisy chain!

jessica said...

oh my world. i love every single piece you picked out, especially that second ring. it's so unique. course i can't afford any of these lovely gems but they are still nice to look at.

Confetti_hearts said...

I lurve the daisy chain headpiece. Too bad I can't really pull off that look... D:

Heather said...

That rose cuff is to die for... just gorgeous!


Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said...

these are such stunning pieces!

Courtney B said...

These are gorgeous pieces of jewelery! How have I never heard of this site before? Moving SUCKS! We just moved Saturday and it was exhausting. Good luck getting everything done :)

Anonymous said...

you got the coolest! these are beautiful pieces.. i actually want them all ^^

Marina said...

The first ring OMG LOVE

xx Marina

Encarna said...

Love the Daisy Chain Headpiece! beautiful selection!
I'm following you, follow me back?

mitchinheels said...

Beautiful blog dear! your an inspiration!!!btw, i'm your newest follower now,hope u can take time to share some love by following me back,xoxoxo..

Eva said...

Gorgeous! That cuff is sooo pretty. I love your blog! :) xoxo